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Day 23: What is Okay?

“‘It’s Okay’ is a cosmic truth.”
~Richard Bach

Almost a year ago now, I was given the best advice and support from K.  I was in the midst of dealing with my residency applications and I was very unsure of what kind of decision to make and what I should consider in making that decision.  Her advice to me was simple:

“It’s going to be Okay.  No matter what you choose and what happens, it will be Okay.”

I believed her, wholeheartedly.  I don’t know if she gave me that advice believing that she knew what the match outcome was going to be, and I don’t know if I believed that advice because I was confident that I would get what I wanted. Regardless, I believed it.  I believed it so much that a few days after submitting my Rank list, I went to speak at a mentoring seminar about the match process and I gave that same advice to the up and coming match applicants for the next year: “No matter what happens, it will be okay.”

When my world kind of shattered, K gave me the same advice.  That night I sat at her kitchen table barely keeping myself together, listening to her tell me that things were going to be Okay.  I didn’t believe her then.

But now I’m here and I’m okay.  Despite how much I complain and how I am stressed out and unhappy, I am doing okay.  Some days are more okay than others, but the bottom line is that, overall, I am okay.

Today’s quote is all for K.  I knew it was meant for her as soon as I read it.  I hope she remembers all the times she told me that “it’s going to be okay.”  I hope she knows that she will be okay too.

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